GiveIndia is India's largest and most trustworthy giving platform for donors. With contributions of over 330 crores made to our 200+ vetted and trusted nonprofits, our giving community of 1M+ donors has impacted lives of 4M+ people across 23 states in India.

Mission & Vision

GiveIndia’s mission is to promote effective and efficient giving that provides greater opportunities to the poor in India, and our vision is a strong ‘giving culture’ where Indians donate 2% of their income every year to give the poor a chance. More about us here


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GiveIndia is looking for young person (22-28 years) who can drive our donor engagement through feedback process. We have NGOs spread across 21 states and process more than lakh transactions every year. That means about a lakh stories to share with the donors! This should be someone with excellent writing skills and is able to come up innovative ways to tell a story. All this while ensuring that donors get the feedback in a timely manner. This is a great position for someone who eventually wants to build a career in communications. In terms of the role the person will,

  1. Understand the NGOs' programmes; work with their staff to write engaging stories.
  2. Visit NGOs, take pictures and create videos of the NGOs' work & beneficiaries, leaders, etc. and blog about them
  3. Learn new Indian languages :-) and pick up a lot of skills
  4. Methodical and is able to manage repetitive tasks

The ideal candidate should have

  1. Very good communication skills in English and as many other Indian languages as possible (preferably at least 2-3 other languages)
  2. Strong arithmetic skills and comfort with numbers
  3. Strong excel skills
  4. An outgoing personality- should like talking to people :-)