Give is India’s largest and most trusted giving platform, and our mission is promote effective and efficient giving, so that our poor have a chance. With contributions of over 300 crores made to our 200+ vetted and trusted nonprofits, our giving community of 1M+ donors has impacted lives of 4M+ people across 23 states in India.

We are an extremely rare workplace that brings a fast-paced, high-growth startup work culture together with a compassion-driven high-impact work environment.

Give Platform

We are building one of the world’s best tech platforms for online giving, where we provide opportunities for people to donate to any cause, non-profit or geography that they care about, in the most simple, personalised and effective manner. We hope to scale our impact on the lives of millions of underprivileged people every year, by democratizing philanthropy, through our workplace giving, subscription giving and crowdfunding products.

Give Tech Stack



At Give, we are looking for top-talent for our engineering team - software engineers who want to solve really complex problems, continually learn, and most importantly, make a real impact in the lives of others.

At Give, you will…

  • work with product, understand our requirements, design, develop and iterate
  • think through complex architecture to build robust platforms
  • build well-abstracted modules and services
  • follow scrum methodology to iterate and deploy fast.

Apply if you have 2- 5 years of experience in…

  • designing and using REST services which can scale horizontally using NodeJS and Express.
  • NoSQL databases (data model design), PostgreSQL or similar
  • Python or other major OO language like Java, Ruby
  • Identity Management and Security (SSL protocols, data encryption, user authentication, authorization services)

Good to have…

  • a Github account, Stack Overflow account or equivalent that demonstrates your ability to work on complicated projects or some other way to validate your expertise
  • working Knowledge of AWS and shell scripting